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The Dudleys! A Family Game
By Leegrid Stevens
October 8 – October 29, 2016

Loading Dock Theatre Company
HERE Arts Center

2017 New York Innovative Theatre Award nominee for Best Design

In The Dudleys! family memories are brought to life as a malfunctioning 8-bit video game. Vic returns to his childhood home late one night and discovers his old NES. As he plays vintage games from his youth, he starts remembering…and his memories become the game itself. By dodging ghosts, undying zombies, and evil Aunts side-scrolling through the neighborhood, Vic tries to win a game that might not be for winning. 

Written by Leegrid Stevens
Directed by Jacob Titus and Leegrid Stevens
Choreography by Melinda Rebman
Video Design by Reid Farrington
Lighting Design by Simon Cleveland
Set Design by Jonathan Cottle
Costume Design by Heather Carey
Sound Design by Dana Haynes
Prop Design by Justin Cox
Video Programming by John Erickson
Chiptune Music composed by Leegrid Stevens

Producers - Lianne Kennedy and Charles Quittner
Assistant Producer - Richa Verma
Assistant Director - Callie Farnsworth
Stage Manager - Jessica Schmidt

Cast: Amy Bizjak, Joe Burby, Roger Dominic Casey, Kevin Delano, Ariel Estrada, Marlowe Holden, Erik Kochenberger, Lynnsey Ooten, Karsten Otto, Scott Thomas, and Erin Treadway.

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Finalist for NY Theatre Festival's Winterfest 2016  for Best Play, Best Director, and Best Actor (Kellan Peavy).

The Rise of Mediocrity
By Larry Phillips
February 2 – 6, 2016

New York Theatre Festival Winterfest
Hudson Guild Theater

Everyone has one great book in them.

Sawyer Weston’s debut novel was an overnight smash hit, with rave reviews and millions in sales. Her sophomore effort, bombed; critically and finically. Many dubbing her a “one hit wonder.” Anxiously awaiting the release of her third novel, a casual evening with friends takes a turn when a young man from Sawyer’s past arrives and starts asking questions.

Director - Jacob Titus
Assistant Director - Callie Farnsworth
Stage Manager - Andrew Tse

Featuring Erin Treadway, Kellan Peavy, Tiffany May McRae, Bryan Matland, and Larry Phillips

Animal Kingdom
By Phillip Barry
January 30 – February 15, 2015

Hunger & Thirst Theatre Collective
Theaterlab, Inc.

Welcome to the Animal Kingdom. Beware of domestication.

Tom believes the romantic side of his relationship with his best friend Daisy has been put to rest, so when he falls head over heels for Cecelia, he thinks he has the best of both worlds…until Daisy admits that the old feelings never truly went away. Philip Barry’s comedy of manners explores the societal and personal pressures that lead some of us to give up our artistry to achieve conventional happiness, and others to give up conventional happiness in pursuit of their art.

The script presents a wonderful backbone to a show, but the writing alone cannot be relied upon to create a successful execution. The vim and vigor need to be injected, and that is just what director Jacob Titus has accomplished. From casting, staging, and beyond, I found the choices hitting the nail on the head." - Shoshana Roberts, Theater is Easy

"Hunger & Thirst Theatre Collective presents this 1932 work with honor. Keeping with the times in which it was written, conversation is a bit stilted, morals are constricting, gender roles are firmly defined, and the path to success is straight and narrow. The actors do a wonderful job of portraying the complexity of the characters amidst the pull and tug of human instincts." - Laurie Lawson, Electronic Link Journey

Directed by Jacob Titus
Lighting Design by Yi Chung Chen
Sound Design by Dana Haynes

Voice/Speech Coach - Matthew Ellis Murphy
Movement Consultant - Eli Sibley
Magic Consultant - Nate Dendy
Stage Manager - Jessica Pecharsky

Cast: Britannie Bond, Mary C. DavisKelsey DidionJonathan Horvath, Jordan KaplanJames LusePatricia LynnLarry PhillipsNeal Tucker

Fire Dance
By Michael Parsons
October 8 – October 24, 2014

Loading Dock Theatre Company
FringeNYC - New York International Fringe Festival 2014
Venue: Teatro Iati, 64 East 4th Street, Manhattan

Attorney Sean McManus moves in with firefighter brother Nicky to salvage their family – and to pursue old flame Janice. When Janice intrudes into their world, however, cold-hearted Nicky’s passions flare, pitting both brothers in a reckless clash for dominance. Fire Dance explores the intricate interplay between familial love and explosive jealousy between two brothers whose feelings for each other are tested as each covets what the other possesses.

Playwright - Michael Parsons
Director - Jacob Titus
Lighting Design - Yi-Chung Chen
Sound Design - Yi-Chun “Iggy” Hung

Cast: Alexander J. Morgan and Sam Tilles

Buried Child
By Sam Shepard
December 11-16, 2012

The School of Theatre at Boston University, College of Fine Arts
Venue: Boston University Theatre - Lane-Comley Studio 210

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, this story chronicles an alcoholic patriarch, his adulterous wife, their two children, and the demise of the “American Dream.”

Directed - Jacob Titus
Dramaturg - Gariela Nicolescu
Production Manager - Jo Willams
Assistant Stage Manager - Emma Ewei
Production Assistant - Johh Vanroosendaal
Lighting Designer - Graham Edmondson
Assistant Lighting Designer - Warren Cullmer
Master Electrician - Alex Fetchko
Sound Designer - Tom Kordenbrock
Scene Designer - Stephen McGonagle
Assistant Scene Designer/Props - Martin Gjoni
Properties - Reed Brevig
Costume Designer - Emily Astorian
Assistant Costume Designer - Emma Connewlly
Draper - Alizon Santamaria
First Hand - Raissa Bretana
Wardrobe Head - Demara Cabrera
Technical Director - Benjamin Motter
Assitant Technical Director - Harrison Burke

Cast: Caroline Cleary, Jimmy Blackmon, Joseph Ahmed, Nathan Wainwright, Patrick Varner, Sam Tilles, Sarah Lavere

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Winner of Excellence in Directing (Jacob Titus), FringeNYC 2012




New York Theatre

By Amy E. Witting
August 10 – 26, 2012

aWe Creative Group
FringeNYC - New York International Fringe Festival 2012
Venue: Connelly Theater, 220 East 4th Street, Manhattan

A tragic love story exploring ethical questions about the vows of marriage and the basic functions of the heart. Sometimes we simply cannot control where our love goes. What chances are you willing to take to be happy?

Playwright - Amy E. Witting
Director - Jacob Titus
Stage Manager - Miriam Cortez
Assistant Stage Manager - Loarina Gonzalez
Lighting Designer - Maryvel Firda
Set Designer - Billy Weimer
ACR - Ricky White
Intern - Harvey Richards

Cast: Josh Bywater, Kerry Fitzgibbons, Janine Kyanko
Tiffany May McRae, Billy Weimer, and Elanna White.

Poor Jacob's Hamlet
Adapted from William Shakespeare
December 11 – December 16, 2012

Adapted and directed by Jacob Titus.


Theme & Variations
Leegrid Stevens
Summer 2007

Incubator Theater
Tiny Theater! Festival
Venue: St. Mark's Church Theater

Cast: Steven Gridley, Erin Treadway, Diana Ruppe, Matt Dellapina

Still-Life (with runner)/Waking Up
By Leegrid Stevens
September 15 – October 8, 2005

Spring Theatreworks
American Living Room Festival
Venue: HERE, 145 6th Avenue, Manhattan

Still Life (with runner)/Waking Up follows the wandering thoughts of a runner as he competes in a race, exploring the relationship between two brothers, one who runs, and one who can run no longer.

Playwright - Leegrid Stevens
Director - Jacob Titus
Choreographer - Mary Ann Wall
Costumes - Rabiah Troncelliti

Cast: Erin Treadway, Doug Simpson, Eric McGregor, David Wylie, Jesse Erbel, Jeffrey Horne, Karen Forte, Jen Hammaker

By Leegrid Stevens
November 2004

Spring Theatreworks
American Living Room Festival
Venue: HERE, 145 6th Avenue, Manhattan

A bizarre, chaotic, confused look at the mental state of a family after disaster, adapted from Euripides' The Phoenician Women.

Playwright - Leegrid Stevens
Director - Jacob Titus
Costumes - Rabiah Troncelliti
Lighting - Matt Gratz
Producers - Jeffrey Horne & Steven Gridley

Cast: Erin Treadway, Brandon Bales, Karen Allen, Andrew Bloch, Shawn J. Davis, Craig Bridger, Tara Gibson



Nominated for the 2002 GLAAD Media Award for Best Off-Off Broadway Performance.


Backstage (1)
Backstage (2)


Highways Theater
Tamarind Theater
New Conservatory Theater


By Aaron Hartzler and Ian McKinnon
August 10 - 25, 2002

Faggot Force
FringeNYC - New York International Fringe Festival 2002
Venue: The Present Company Theatorium, 198 Stanton, Manhattan

From “Don’t spank me, Daddy!” to “Yeah! Slap that ass!” boyfriends Ian and Aaron trace how Dad shaped their search for the gorgeous, gay soul mate of their wet dreams. 

Spanked! also received two productions in Los Angeles at Highways Theater and The Tamarind Theater, and one production in San Francisco at New Conservatory Theater.

Cast: Aaron Hartzler and Ian McKinnon


T & V
By Leegrid Stevens
August 2001

Found Theatre Group
FringeNYC - New York International Fringe Festival 2001
Venue: Theatre for a New City

Cast: Tara Gibson & Michael Aronov